Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EARLY DESIGN courtesy of "Now In Color"

I uploaded and participated in Andy Whitlock's EARLY DESIGN piece.

My thesis/portfolio project, Proactive Portfolio, completed during my senior year with Paul Sahre at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. The portfolio was editable, required feedback from the interviewer and in turn--flopped the role of the interview process by collecting and judging creative feedback from the portfolio drop-off.

Though it did not yeild a corner office upon completion, it helped shaped the way I was (going) to understand how to think as a mature creative, as well as its inspiration to continue to pursue an independent/author role as a designer.

Photo: SVA's graduation, May 2004.

I thought it best, as an applied designer, to compare my product from school to the present one, my portfolio.

As I grow and continue to apply the ideas I began to form while attending school, I have a new presentation that's very much rooted in the Proactive Portfolio. Though one has to find balance in the "real world" with personal and applied art, this body of work (I believe) I have accumulated over the last several years contain the same heart, same values and ideas. And though it can't all be just ideas--removed from application--my weirdo thesis with emphasis on community and communication has put me into the hands of org's, community groups, not-for-profits and other do gooders that, if the 2004 self could see, would approve.

Photo: March 2008, studio-Brooklyn, NY.

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Andy Whitlock said...

i feel like 'early portfolios' could be an entire initiative of its own.

I made a resume into a pack of playing cards once. hmm.